Philosophy of the Compassionate Classroom

  • Every person is gifted, every person matters.
  • Mutual respect maximizes learning.
  • Natural curiosity leads learning.
  • Rejection breeds rebellion, acceptance can heal.
  • The Law of Kindness is the basis for every rule.
  • Students deserve relevant, inspired lessons.
  • Learning how to learn more deeply is more important than memorizing facts.
  • Seeing the unique person is the teacher’s chief task.

New Leaf Mission Statement

New Leaf School is an educational “field hospital” designed to retrieve and restore children alienated from success in traditional classrooms. New Leaf is an appropriate destination for any child wanting to learn how to learn more deeply.

Focusing on process over content, we apply strategies that teach cooperation and self-reliance. New Leaf’s educational system encourages each student to seek his or her personal best, which makes our classroom an ideal destination for most students.

New Leaf provides a fresh start for overlooked, underdeveloped, overwhelmed and underachieving students.

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