Dear New Leaf Families,

New Leaf has had a healthy foods policy in place for 14 years. This approach to lunchtime has had wonderful results. This is a clarification of what is expected/ allowed at lunch time:

Drinks- Plain water only. We have cold filtered water for students to refill their leak proof/ sweat proof bottles. (You can send in an emergency plastic tumbler to be left in their draw if you are worried, they will forget/ lose their bottle.)

Main Course: Sandwich, wraps, noodles, soup, pizza, tacos, salads, meat, cheese, hard boiled eggs, meat and cheese roll ups, quesadillas, dinner leftovers, and anything else that will offer energy for the afternoon.

We encourage students to eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and plain popcorn as their snacks. The healthiest version of crackers is preferred.

Chips, candy, snack cakes and desserts are not allowed. These can be treats you child enjoys at home. We will occasionally have special celebrations and allow treats we don’t normally include in our lunch.

This is a struggle for some children (and adults) at first, but we have seen our students develop a healthier and broader sense of taste.

Thank you for supporting this ongoing effort to increase energy and awareness of our students for their afternoon studies.