Ideal Candidate

New Leaf School classrom hand raised CUBEDWe accept students in grades 4 – 12 when we believe we offer an appropriate match for the individual’s learning needs. We welcome students who have learning disabilities or emotional difficulties. However, a child is not a candidate for this program if we feel we are not adequately staffed for the specific student’s benefit. New Leaf provides a dynamic learning experience for motivated learners. We offer realistic encouragement to restore a student’s motivation. Our program is designed to assist students who have not met with success in the traditional school setting, who may benefit from our smaller class size and increased personal attention. We reach out to the overwhelmed, the overlooked, and the underachieving.

Parent Impact

20171120 123706Our most successful experiences take place when each parent is fully committed to making changes in his or her own life and within the home. A dedicated staff is not a substitute for committed parents. The student benefits when both the parents and staff bring their best to the table. Supportive parents promote good rest, nutrition, hygiene, and attendance. The most successful parents are supportive with the minimal homework assigned, use the methods described in Positive Discipline by Jane Nelson, and integrate the Being 101 concepts in their homes to create a genuine consistency between the student’s daytime and evening worlds.

Trial Period

20161201 105922Your child spends more than 900 hours with the classroom teachers each year, and it is essential that these are positive relationships. We consider the first 6-weeks of each student’s enrollment to be a trial period where the parents can further observe the interaction of the student and teacher to be certain the child is having a solid, favorable connection with the teachers. This is also a time for the teachers to assess the ability to deliver quality instruction to the individual student. When either the parents or teachers have a significant concern we meet to determine the wisdom of continued placement at New Leaf School.

Visitation Policy

New Leaf School Tyler guitars SLIDERWe welcome visitors considering placement of their child at New Leaf School. Please call ahead and confirm the day and time you would like to tour the campus. 

Serious candidates will be invited to enjoy a visitation day which includes a chance to take part in select activities, learn about the school’s unique culture and begin preliminary testing for grade level placement. Cost of the Visitation Day is $100 and is applied as the registration fee if a student enrolls.